Unravel (December)

by TV is Neat

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Honesty is hard. Writing this album was difficult, knowing that this album would be out there, and people could see just how much I had messed up by over-thinking.

I must admit to my faults. Being strong-willed is great, but has its drawbacks. I know I do not give God my all. I don't turn to Him right away, but to music. Knowing that made me wonder if I should even make this album. This album is a sort of confession.

On December 16th, I got word I was not accepted into the conservatory I wanted to. I felt so certain that was what I was meant to do that I panicked and lost sight of what to do. I told God that I could wait for Him, but that I would take action and have Him guide me. I did not know what to do. Finals were going on. I had so much on my mind, but God was missing from that place. The rest of the day kept going, and I wasn't about to have an emotional breakdown on campus, so I just walked around and relied on myself. When I finally got home, I thought about what I did, and realized I might have messed up. God showed me that I put things before Him. But for some reason, I felt like I was still in the right. I decided to keep on trying with or without God's help.

I messed up. I apologize.

Nothing I have is mine.


released May 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Fourteen Days California

Fourteen Days is a Artist/Label that delves into many genres.

As an artist, he makes anything from ambient soundscapes, to electronica, to experimental noise concept albums. He also is the lead in the band TV is Neat, which focuses on telling stories with compelling music holding it up.

As a label, Fourteen Days produces anything from worship, to noise rock, to A Capella.
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Track Name: The Lack of a Plan B Hits Hard (Self Worth)
What do I do now?
I didn’t think this far ahead
So what do I now
try not to lose my head

So am I not good enough
No no no no no no
That can’t be it
That much I reject

There has to be an answer
But i don’t know how to find it
There has to be an answer
I need to get inside it

I’ve talked to people
They told me to carry on
I’m sticking with my will
And I’m not changing

I've got to do this
I cannot sit back
And watch it crumble
I'll fix this, just watch me
Track Name: ****ing Done With Passivity (Wrong Choice)
Im not standing back
Im taking it into my own hands
I have to use my head
and keep my feet on solid ground
Track Name: God Does Not Have a Plan B (Wrong Logic)
I don’t need to freak out
Thinking that this is a mistake

It’s all in God’s plan
And I’ll work through it for his sake

I’m going to do this with or without you
I’m going to follow through
Running headfirst in to trouble
Is all I can think to do

Please step in and guide me
But until then imp trusting
That i can get myself to
Where i need to be
Track Name: Sticking With Plan A (When To Give Up?)
The problem with a strong will
Is he doesn’t know when to give up

I’m sticking to my plan
For better or for worse

Just focus on the now
Don’t get caught up in
What is to come
Focus now
Focus now

Plan a got my here
And will have to do for now

I have to think ahead
And see if i am right

Am I being honest?
Or am I just acting out
Track Name: A Time For Honesty, and a Time To Just Be (Do This More)
I need to just relax
I simply need to be
You are here with me
You are here with me

There is a time for honesty
And there is a time to just be
No need to keep on trying
Now is the time to just be

Help me relax, god
I’m not doing so well
I don’t know what to tell
I don’t know what to tell
Track Name: Surrounded By Those Who Care (It Means More Than You Think)
Thank you for asking
if I made it

don't be sad you asked
when I say I didn't
Track Name: Not Giving Up (When to)
I'm not giving up
I'm not backing down
I'm a strong will for a reason
and I'm standing my ground

I know it wont be easy
I know that is rough
but I'm not packing my bags
the second things get tough

God help me through this
keep me in the right
I have to rely on You
with all my might
Track Name: Music as a Drug (Forgive Me)
Do I really trust you?
I always turn to music first
instead of turning to you
i just put on a song

but its helped me talk to you
its helped me in the past
ive expressed so much through it
but is it time to change?

music as a drug
it has been for me
music as a drug
it helps me feel good
music as a drug
makes me feel free
music as a drug
replaces what i need

i know that i make mistakes often
but is this one of them?
i believe there is a right time for it
but am i misleading myself?

what about expression
i went straight into making a song to process
instead of prayer

are you calling me to passivity?
do you want me to give up?
step down?

I dont need a plan B
but I need to give up my plan A
you have it in your control
you have it in control

Show me a middle ground
and guide me through it
show me what to do
lead me to it

I dont want to give up
but i know that is my own
stubborn will
im going to mess up badly
forgive me
forgive me
forgive me
forgive me